Because management that does not meet the needs of employees is the primary source of disengagement from work.
(source Gallup – the damage inflicted by poor managers)



For more than 20 years I have had to manage teams of several hundred people in France and abroad. I have often been frustrated by the feeling of being misunderstood, of having to carry teams and projects at arm’s length. I felt alone in the challenge of training people to give their best for the good of the business. I understood that you are not born manager but you become it and that the different techniques are not enough, you have to practice.

I then looked for resources to improve my leadership and not being satisfied with the existing solutions, I created a new approach which makes it possible to manufacture Managers-Leaders® and to support them on demand, with a subscription that allows us to contact as many times as they need.

Allassia fournit un bilan de santé de leur organisation aux leaders qui souscrivent.

I am Stéphane Pinault, founder of Allassia®




Allow the development of a healthy authority and make the company a place of fulfillment.

Through subscription, open access to all managers and high potentials to professional support to raise their level of leadership.