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The French still love their business as much

By 15 April 2019April 16th, 2019Business

Business and work remain one of the strongest social bonds. While we are experiencing a crisis of mistrust of the institutional, this survey confirms that this is what we live in everyday life and the people we meet that make us flourish, or not. The expectations of employees and those who will join companies are different and still poorly understood, the digitalization of our society constantly upsetting our habits and profoundly transforming our lives, and more than any other industrial revolution. The challenge for the company would be to create the environment in which its employees can give the best of themselves, with three main drivers “Value sharing, impact on society and inclusion”, at risk of seeing its employees lose their enthusiasm and that they come only for their check at the end of the month, see worse, starts to sabotage its operation … And you how do you in your company to create the environment where people give the best of themselves? p>

While the movement of “yellow vests” has exacerbated the crisis of confidence towards politicians, intermediaries and the media, the French remain confident in their own employer, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer p>

The social crisis that has shaken France for more than two months has not stopped provoking paradoxes. While the confidence rating of companies was up until last fall, boosted by the commitment displayed by some of them in terms of social responsibility, the movement of” yellow vests “has halted this trend. According to the 19th edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer, commissioned by communications company Elan Edelman, the business confidence index lost 5 points to settle at 45% by the end of 2018. P>
On the other hand, the French still have so much confidence in their own employer. They are 61% in this case. While nearly 3 out of 5 employees are afraid of losing their jobs in the coming years due to lack of skills or qualifications, and more than 5 out of 10 fear that this will happen because of automation or innovation, they are 60% to see in their employer a source of credible information on the general subjects related to the economy, and 52% on the social questions. p>