Field experience

We all have a managerial culture and are experienced leaders

  • A posture combining coach, consultant and mentor at the same time
  • We practice operational coaching
  • We are systemicians with a global vision of the company

We share the passion for managerial development and transmission

  • We are accredited and supervised coaches
  • We have significant business experience in leadership positions
  • We have lived, have been involved and resolved business issues


I have noticed very positive differences since we started with Allassia. I receive clear requests, my employees have gained in confidence, cooperation is taking hold.

Multi-site ESN CEO

It’s always the way we communicate: If I am aware of what I am saying, I am able to know the impact so I can say it differently.

I discovered another way of cropping that suits me because I want to keep in touch with my team.

I learned to develop the expression of fear during meetings.