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By 15 April 2019April 16th, 2019Business

What will cost French businesses this year? 97 billion Euros

  • No, it’s not a new tax

  • No, it’s not unfair competition from the South or the East

    According to Gallup, this is the # disengagement of employees …

This disengagement weighing on corporate results is not a threat but a weakness, because it is notably created and maintained by inappropriate management practices that must evolve.

France is in penultimate position in Europe with only 6% of employees engaged if we believe Gallup!

The consequences of massive disengagement are devastating for companies and their employees: #Turnover, # Absenteeism, #businessaccidents …

According to this article from Challenges strong> The reasons for this massive disengagement would have several sources:

Cultural First strong>

With a culture of conflictual social dialogue, HR practices from Taylorism or recruitment of managers too often focused on technical skills rather than relational.

The company highly values ​​#technical skills and takes too easily and dangerously the shortcut of believing that the best accountant, commercial, developer, engineer will be a good leader for accountants, salespeople, developers and engineers …

Working conditions then strong>

Several studies show that the French are developing more and more addictions to keep pace at work with less resources and autonomy, in an increasingly changing and less collective environment.
Placebos such as babyfoots, free drinks, sports halls, etc., only serve to maintain the discomfort in companies where the fundamentals of #sens, # autonomy and # development at work are not respected, such as the describe Julia de Funès strong> and < Nicolas Bouzou strong> in their book The comedy (in) human strong> and the different interviews they have granted, such as celle-ci

And if the era of small authoritarian and / or paternalistic leaders was over?

Maybe, that finally, we enter the era of the manager-leader who gives #sens, develops the # autonomy and allows to # learn to his teams!

And you, what are you doing in your company to create the environment in which your employees thrive and want to give the best of themselves?

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